Monday, July 14, 2008



Dear All,
We CDF members visited VATHSLYAM NIKETHAN (Orphange) in Hosur on 13th July. We interacted with around 100 kids in Vathslyam, we spent almost the entire day with them.

Activities planned and executed in Vathslyam by CDF members are listed here..

* We gave a cheque of Rs 8000 for the establishment of new kitchen
Kitchen item
1)Heavy Stove (Spl making) 3000 Rs
2)Gas pipeline with valves 5000 Rs

* We interacted with kids (age group below 9 years) and conducted drawing competition. We selected four members as winners and gifted them with drawing books for improving their personal skills and also gave chocolates for all the kids

* We conducted the Drawing competition for other age group kids (from 9 to 11), selected four members as winners and gave them gifts to encourage their skills.

* We conducted the fancy dress competition (with the newspapers) to improve their creativity. Children in age group from 11 to 15 actively participated in this competition. Totally 5 Teams participated, results where announced on the basis of the audience poll .Kids and also, the staff working there, participated in this poll and selected three of them as winners. We gave gifts for all the winning teams.

* We also gave footballs, cricket bat and balls to improve the group activities in sports (One of the student is already playing for the district cricket team from this home).

* We gave a scientific experimental box, using which the kids can experiment small scientific experiments which they are seeing in a day to day life.

* We engaged all the kids for an hour and encouraged them by giving special gifts for those of them who actively participated in dance and singing.

* CDF Spent around Rs 1500 for the gifts

Overall CDF and its members had a very special day with kids in Vathslyam.
R.Gowthaman from Vathslyam thanked all the members of CDF for the valuable contribution. He also expressed his happiness that through this program we actually helped him, in identifying the children with special abilities. In future he is planning to encourage these children on their interests.



Bangalore CDF Team

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