Monday, February 18, 2008

CDF New Year & Republic Day Celebrations 2008.

In CDF we have done it once again!!!.We have successfully celebrated New Year and Republic Day with the underprivileged children.

Even though the function is to start by 9AM, the children started to come only by 9.30.
By 10 AM all the kids had arrived. The kids were welcomed with traditional sandal paste & sweets. The specially arranged cartoon character also welcomed the kids with joy.

The day started with the welcome note and then lighting of kuthu vilzhakku (lamp).We called in small kids from all the homes as representatives for lighting the lamp and with that they day of fun started.

We started distributing dresses for the kids and then we requested them to wear it too.
After break for dress change, children clad with new dresses gathered for cake cutting celebration.

The cake cutting was done amidst of noisy applause/whistle and cheerful shouting of “Happy new year”. Immediately following the cake cutting, children rushed into the stage for a fantastic New Year dance.

Once we made sure that no more cake was left for eating, we started the games section.
First we started with “Musical Chair” for 1st – 5th standard children.Goppi, nanda, anand & janani team managed the games effectively.
In between the games a special mimicry program was done by MIET college students.

By 12 we gave cold rose milk for the kids. Then we continued with games like “Paper Raja & Rani”, “Kannakku puli” (Maths tiger ;-) ).

After initial set of games we started lunch by 1.30.It was special lunch with sweet, briyani,
icecream…kids really enjoyed it. Once we served the lunch for them they reciprocated their love towards us, by forcefully serving food for us. This is the third year we are meeting the same set of kids, so we have developed a kind of bond between us ;-).

After lunch we screened “Tiger king” a Tamil 3d animation movie for the kids using the LCD projector. On seeing us setting up the screen they wished that we could play some Vijay or vishal movie. They got disappointed when they saw some cartoon characters coming in the screen, instead of their favorite super stars ;-).

After video session we continued with the games like “pipe of straws”, “search chocolates in wheat flour” .

Ramana, baski & team had made elaborate arrangement for the “Treasure Hunt” for the students of 10+ standard. They ran all over the school campus and enjoyed the game.

After tiresome games we energized kids with hot badam milk. Truly speaking they were energetic through out the day; it was we who got exhausted ha ha ;-)

We came to almost close of the day. The stage was all set for the closing ceremony and prize distribution.

This time we had invited the organization heads of our partner NGOs as guests.

We had Mr.Murugan of VYSWO (Village Youth Social Work Organization), dhramapuri.We have supported VYSWO last year with stationery for two schools, scholarship for one college student and with special scholarship for an engineering student. He and his team is involved in lot of good work in villages near by dharmapuri, we wish we could support more this year too.

We had Mr.Saravanan, of Manam Mallaruttum, vellore.His organization is creating a revolution kind of stuff by giving special coaching to village students near Vellore and putting them into professional courses. We have been supporting this program for past two years.

We had Mr.Arumugam of Alaya Mani, Trichy.His organization is involved in encouraging village students by giving away prizes for toppers in government schools. We are supporting them for past two years.

We had Miss.Jayanthi, of Udavum Managgal; trichy.Her organization supports underprivileged students and putting them into diploma courses. We were supporting them last year.

We had Mr. Moses, Operations Head,Mind Tree consulting,a special invitee, who has involved himself in several social service initiatives.

We thanked their service to the society by presenting with small mementos.
We also thanked CDF members parents by presenting them with a momento, who year on year making this event a successful one.

The prizes where distributed to all the winners. Special gifts where given to each children home. After formal talks the stage was freed and given to children for showcasing their special talents like dance, drama and singing. After seeing the kids energatic dance our members also stepped in;-)

As sunset and darkness started engulfing by around 7pm, much awaited part of the day came, yes kids always love fireworks. It was a spectacular show for around 30 minutes.

At last the time has come for the children to leave, but they really don’t want to leave. They boarded the van, just before leaving one kid said “I don’t know what to tell, I just don’t what to leave you Anna…” with watered eyes…I have never faced a situation like this in my life. I consoled her saying that we will meet again next year…….

With the support of all our friends in CDF …we hope to meet her once again next year.

Thanks to all of you who made it possible, year on year. A special thanks to our friends in Germany for their contributions and also for Ashok & co for sponsoring the food.

View the entire album in this link:

CDF Republic Day Celebration

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